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As an international dental student it can be a challenge to find a source that provides all the products required to facilitate in the practice of bench tests conducted by various dental schools. TheDrTools LLC is one such store where you can get the required instruments. One less worry means more time to focus on the preparation to get into the dental school of your choice. If there is a particular product not listed you can request for it and we will try our best to get it for you. Don’t forget to check the Dental bench test course section.

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  • Bench test classes in Milpitas

    You do not need to bring anything for our bench test prep classes. Everything including typdonts, handpiece, extra teeth, hand instruments, ideal model preps  etc will be provided for you. This differentiates us from other courses which require you to purchase your own instruments. We even provide lunch so you dont have to worry about that! Our …

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