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About us

About Us

As an international dental student it can be a challenge to find a source that provides all the products required to facilitate in the practice of bench tests conducted by various dental schools. TheDrTools LLC is one such store where you can get the required instruments .One less worry means more time to focus on the preparation to get into the dental school of your choice. If there is a particular product not listed you can request for it and we will try our best to get it for you . Don’t forget to check the Dental bench test course section.

Having gone through the tedious process of being licensed as a dentist in the U.S I have an insight into the effort it takes to succeed. Not only are the tests hard but after you pass there are other more daunting challenges to face, namely the bench tests conducted by various dental schools to test your didactic skills.It was very confusing for me to get all the materials I needed and the guidance to navigate the task of getting all the equipment and materials for practice. With much effort I succeeded and finally established my practice. Over a period of years several of my colleagues asked for my help and pretty soon, through word of mouth, i had a steady stream of foreign trained dentists coming to my office for practice sessions. I got great feedback from them and decided to simplify the process of buying supplies and training. Here you will get the much needed assistance to obtain the dental supplies so you are better equipped to practice at home. Also get in touch with us if you need help with learning the various teeth preparations.
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Dr Puneet Sandhu
UCLA class of 2004

We ship via USPS priority mail service with tracking. This takes 3-5 businsess days to reach you depending upon your location. If you desire faster shipping please go ahead and create your own shipping label by paying for it and send us a copy by emailing at [email protected] . Here is the link to the site https://reg.usps.com/entreg/LoginAction_input?app=GSS&appURL=https://cns.usps.com/labelInformation.shtml If you are creating your own label and paying for shipping please choose “local Pick up ” on our website so you dont get charged for shipping from us.